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Title Viva Cream + Viva Cream Plus + Upper C
Posted by VIVA KOREA (ip:)
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  • Date 2017-11-29 19:10:29
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I was carrying the B cup of the envy of others. Sometimes I had complaints in my chest. When I wore buttoned clothes, I woke up and showed me something. So I did not wear such clothes.
I gave birth to a child and breastfeeded, but the amount of breast milk was huge and my chest grew bigger. People around you
I asked him to take the medicine to dry, and he said, "My heart is so big.
I made my breasts that became like a windblown balloon ... even my nipples like my grandmother's chest ....
From that day, depression began to occur.

I do not feel satisfied at all because of my lack of confidence.
I thought about surgery, but for my reasons, the surgery cost was so big.
I came across Viva Korea in the back. I laughed a lot when I saw the first review. I really like to go to the gosutop ...
I thought about it. I was thinking of buying Viva cream. I really desperately want to
I think I bought it.
I worked hard and massaged it hard and it was 4th. I do not have any effect.

I immediately protested to Viva KOREA. "Honestly, please tell me, I am a desperate person, and there is no change." "Be honest if you do not have any effect," Viva Korea said.
That's when the cream is gone. But this time it was Viva Cream Plus. Finally, "Let's try one more time .." I want to buy a woman's greed ... I was in front of Mr. Upple again ~ ~ I finally bought a set.
When it was 6th week ... My heart aches like a pain when it comes to menstruation. So it was a little hard to massage ...
But this is what happened ... I was getting more and more changed. I got elasticity, my chest started to grow ...
It was my own idea, but one day the bridegroom said, "Your heart is getting bigger." So what? He said, "I will try to return to my heart ...". Full of confidence ~~~~~

To get to the B cup, you have to be more patient and harder to keep going. I still have the effect, so I will continue.
I have a lot of sweat because I have a hot summer, and I am sensitive to my skin because of the hot summer, but about 4-50 minutes every day
I wear it by all means. If you do not feel like squatting, it's evidence that your heart has grown.
I have fun.
I think faith is very important. I also took time to have faith in Viva Korea products. I would like to say to all of you who are purchasing this product, please do not be too hasty and try it steadily.
Effective for those who try. In addition, I will apologize for the point I protested in the questioning. I'm really sorry.
I am going to fight until I am satisfied with my heart!

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