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Title UPPER D Amazing change of wearing 2 months!
Posted by VIVA KOREA (ip:)
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  • Date 2017-11-29 19:10:29
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Hello ~

I bought a supple D in July last month to try a bikini in the summer.

I do not usually use it because it's such a late

Because the effect is noticeable, I am writing to help those who are worried about me.


I was looking at the B * bar product, as everyone else would say,

The price is so burdensome that I was only looking at the search at the time of the search to find the product Upple D ..


I bought it at a price which is less than 1 / 10th compared to the price of Bro * Lava.


There was a clear feeling that the rubber pulled out using the negative pressure,

It was a product that could be used easily in daily life.


First day..

First of all, I put on skin protection cream which is in the inside and I wore UPPLE D, and it was very good to stick to it.

I wore about 1 hour ~ 3 hours every day without taking a day,

After use, I had to apply lotion on my chest.


I have a weak skin

The redness was visible and the lotion was essential.

I could get sensitive because it was something that directly touches the skin.


I was tired of doing it every day, but I was tired of the expectation that my heart could grow bigger.


A few days later ...


When I wore underwear, the feeling of chest was changed, and I felt heavy.

I want to compare the photographs when I hear this feeling.

I compared the photos after wearing the first day and the photos before wearing today


Amazing change!


I was able to find the breast that actually grew.


A few years ago my diet was getting chest down and getting smaller

The shape turned into an ugly heart


As you can see in the photo, you can check the shape of the upper chest and the bigger chest.


Chest circumference 81cm -> After wearing chest circumference 85cm



I still use it steadily and will continue to use it.

I will try to keep the breasts that are made now to a minimum.


I definitely knew that Ups C and D were the same.


It surely is a big hit.

Thank you for bringing good products ^^

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