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Title Product use 5 days ... Viva Cream Plus ...
Posted by VIVA KOREA (ip:)
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  • Date 2017-11-29 19:10:29
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Use Viva Cream Plus for 5 days
Is it a personal difference ...
I was 158.6 kg in weight, 47kg, 75B cup, and I had no complaints about my body size
After graduating from college, suddenly, the size of the salo bosom was gradually decreasing, and it was not getting too tight at 75A.
I was seriously worried about my chest surgery ... but I do not like the cost.
One-way ... Chest massage ... and so on ... I knew Viva cream while I was looking for my chest back.
After that, I have been looking for Viva Cream for a few days, reviewing the product reviews,
I made a purchase decision.

The moment I tried to make a payment, Viva Cream was changed to Viva Cream Plus and the production would be done in Korea.
I was hesitant to buy it.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
It was obvious that you should try it because it was better than the product before.
Deposit and deposit
Used on the first morning and evening from July 21st
I worked really hard on the massage for 30 minutes.
I have a pain in my heart for two days.
I was worried about whether I had too much massage
I had to go to the swimming pool on the 3rd day of the 23rd.

The next morning I felt my heart aches and swollen. I was worried that maybe it was wrong.
The swimsuit with the 4cm bubble was smaller, and the nipple was light when it was active.
I wonder if it grew until the time of menstruation. However, when the menstrual period was far away,
It was also a different feeling from when it was menstruating.
The pain on the 5th day of use is much better, but it's packed in the 75A cup bra.
I only used it for 5 days.
If you look at the reviews, you should be using at least two weeks.
Individual differences? I am afraid that it will stop here because it will be effective in a very short time.
I am grateful for the effect that I can not believe it, and I am happy to write a review.
I feel a little better for a few days as if I had a little hope for me because I was upset because of the hot summer small breasts.
I have to use it steadily. * ^^ *
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