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Title Viva Cream Plus + Up-D D Monthly Review !! (+ _ +)
Posted by VIVA KOREA (ip:)
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  • Date 2017-12-01 13:48:14
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Good morning!!


- Instruments used

I am a 25 year old woman whose heart was small and was always troubled.

It is said that in the growth of body beyond the adolescence, when it grows and grows slowly, it grows even in the early 20s. However, I also missed the exception, and always gave heartburn, . I have already used foreign product breast cream in the past, but I did not see any effect at that time, and after that, I believed the beliefs about the products related to my chest to be generalized to fiction and falsehood. Then, after making my boyfriend, I continued to care about my poor breasts, and then I came back to find products related to my breasts and found Viva Cream. Is this also the truth, is not it a synthesis or an operation? What are the side effects? etc… ... . I thought.


Finally, after a week of worries, I joined Viva Cream Plus and Upper D. In the case of the supple, I made a purchase after 10 days (by another ID). Among them, whether to buy a C or D, I worried that my chest was 69cm below the chest and 78cm above the chest. A cup size, but to look a little bigger 70B to put a large box of pork, but because of the relationship between the right chest than the left breast was much smaller. (I have heard that the heart with the heart is bigger, so it's comforting.) On the right side, the upper chest space was more empty than the left. So I decided to use it for at least 30 days to judge the authenticity of the effect after purchasing.


-How to use

I was also a college student, so I had to get up early in the morning and get a little early in the morning, and in the evening, I always had a 20 minute massage at home at the appointed time. The massage was done by turning the inside of the chest in a "circle" shape from the outside of the chest to the inside of the chest, while the remaining 10 minutes were used to massage the chest from the rib side to the neck side for 5 minutes each, , I took a simple action to collect my chest by hand in addition to the regularly scheduled time. Oh! In the case of the morning without time, I wetted the towel with water and put it on my chest, and in the evening I used cream after showering.


In the case of Upple D, it is recommended to wear a bra top or a sports bra instead of wearing underwear to help the effect of the Upple D, I wore it because it seemed comfortable. In the case of Upper D, it is used to protect the skin by applying Skin Protect on the outside, or to enhance the adhesion of Upper D.


- Use effect

After 3 days of first use, I felt that my chest was getting caught by my breasts when I was growing up. I think that this pain is like a "good medicine" but I enjoyed it. The more positive the idea that the breasts will grow, the deeper it is, and the belief is increasingly doubled.

Actually, my chest was about 2 weeks, so I could not see the difference on the outside but when I touched it, it felt bigger. It was even better during the menstrual period. It was during the menstruation period on the third week, but fortunately my breasts did not fall. At last, the breasts now seem to have a difference even if it is a month, and I felt the difference when I touched it. The actual size change has increased by as much as 3.5cm from 78cm to 81.5cm in the upper chest for one month.


- Concurrent therapy

I used VivaPlus cream and Upple D as dietary supplements to collect fat and tofu and black beans as side dishes. I drank pomegranate and soy milk as a drink. I avoided any caffeine products such as coffee or cocoa, I did not diet, and I ate 3 meals a day if possible. However, I was not worried about other parts because it was not the body which increases the weight much.



I was really happy to use it and tell my boyfriend that the clothes fit seems to have changed a bit before leaving this review. I will continue to work for the C-cup in the future. In this post, I would like to ask you to look at this article, I'll pray for you to grow!

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