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Title A combination of diet and Viva cream ^^
Posted by VIVA KOREA (ip:)
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  • Date 2017-12-01 13:48:14
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EGGU ... My condition is strange. Anyway, I hope to post this post and feel good ^^


I learned about Viva Cream and Upper D as a friend introduction. My friend had a pair of blondes on the cliff. I always had a complex about my chest, but when I had a lot of facial expressions, I really laughed. So I told you why, I'm talking about Viva Cream. And now the A Cup Bra is about to touch it. I can see that A cup is small, but I was really surprised to learn that A cup was full because the friend was so cliff before that. However, I was suspicious of my friend saying that Korean cosmetic surgery should be ruined if the breasts immediately grow bigger like cream. Of course, my friend does not really lie to me, but if he gets fat, his chest can get bigger and he may be mistaken.


I am originally suspicious and negative. Years ago. In 2007 or 8 years ... My cousin had used other company products like Viva Cream, but it did not work, and he said he ate the herbal medicine and the hormone medicine. Yoon Eun Hye is also going to the shop to go to the money is spilled as a result is now full of B cup. The cousin said he did not do surgery. He said that the money he went into was equal to the cost of surgery. He said that he had to invest a lot of money to raise his chest. I agree with that.


But his friend will be back in a few days. My boyfriend said he felt his heart grow bigger. I was a bit annoyed at me because I had a secret talk between men and women, but my mind was a little shaken on the one hand. So I asked where the site is.

So I came to Viva KOREA site and read the reviews of people here and there. Some people have seen the effect, and some people have little effect. I took a look at the late ~~~ and concluded it. Some who have seen some effects are merely blessed, and most people have no effect. Then I finished the site visit in 10 minutes.


The problem was that a week later my boyfriend asked me to lose my flesh. When I said I was plump and pretty, I thought it would not be too bad to have a bomber or diet. Then I looked at my chest and looked at my diet without exercise. When I heard that, I was embarrassed and angry, but when I saw the mirror in the house, it seemed that the flesh, fatness, and thighs of the flesh were fattening. I have been eating since the fall of my appetite. 58.5kg went out. I was 55kg, but I was blowing 3.5kg. Sometimes when I was wearing my pants I was tired ...


Once I decided to go on a diet, I suddenly became concerned about my breasts. I am an A cup, but my shoulders are wide open and I do not see any more breasts regardless of cup size. I went to Viva Korea again and read the reviews carefully. I tried to call my friend again. I was wondering if my chest was enlarged when I was using it, and if I did not use the cream, it would keep its size. Once I was interested, the friend liked it very much. I was instantly a multi-level employee. After all, that was the end of the day! I decided to try it once.

Now, let 's talk about authentic use.


<My Condition>

* Viva Cream Reason and Goal: Minimize fat loss in chest during diet!

* Reason and goal of using UPPLE D: to prevent sagging!

* Bust size: 91cm * Height and weight: 161cm, 58.5kg

* UPPER D Period of use: November 12 ~ January 14 (Can not be used during menstruation period.

* Viva cream use period: From November 12 to December 24

* Viva Cream How to use: During the first week of use, plenty of plenty. However, it seemed that the cream had become tender, and the usage was completely reduced from then on. Massages 5 to 10 minutes at a time. I can not do more than that.

* How to use UPPLE D: As written in the manual. Wear at least 3 hours a day, up to 10 hours a day.

* Diet method: Diet with Viva Cream and Upper D at the same time.

It consumes a lot of tofu and apple mainly and does not eat snacks other than fruit and fruit.

I walked quickly at school front yard at 8-10 pm at night. Walking for 2 hours is very difficult.

At home, I stretch for 30 minutes and lift the dumbbell 30 times.

After eating food, move for at least one hour without sitting down.


Unlike a hilarious heart, I did not feel anything for the first week. I did not get a signal from my chest, but I found out that if I eat up and eat rice, it does not work well. In fact, this was a great enlightenment for me. Because I ate digestive medication all week after wearing Upper D. It was getting better soon after eating the supple. The power of pulling up the crowd is just so!


And I used it for 3 hours a day at first. When I was supple and dressed than when I had a bra, my chest seemed much bigger. Pooh! So I wore up to 10 hours a day. Then the skin on the upper chest was tingling and painful. So I wore only 5 to 6 hours a day after that. It was long, but I wanted to wear it for the longest time on the line where the skin is not painful.


I was disappointed. I pulled out the tape measure. I tried to keep on looking at it again. I felt a bit frustrated when I entered the second week of cream and uplifting. I was on a diet, so I stood in front of the mirror and looked at my chest, thinking I would not have gotten more of a kill. Um ... something changed. My bra looked a bit smaller than my chest. And when I took off my bra, the border line left a mark on my chest. In other words, the bra did not fit in my chest. Pleasure I wore a B cup bra in my heart.


It was not so much that the B cup was filled with the bra, but it seemed that my chest found the nest in the B cup? Poohaha !! (Oh, I do not put in the bra) I am happy to continue to apply cream and massage, and I have been wearing the cream all over the face. I wanted to post my review immediately, but at the end of the year and early in the year, I am very busy at work and I am now raising my appraisal.

I think I would not have gotten bigger if I had not had a diet, but if you look at the picture, you can see that the first picture and the last picture clearly show that my breasts have increased. ^ 0 ^ If you continue to apply Viva Cream in the future, your chest will also grow a bit larger ^ ^


* Diet and Viva Cream Collaboration Result

Weight loss: Approximately 4kg Breast size: 91 → 93.8 (when breathing comfortably)


P.S / The picture is upside down. Sorry


The first two pictures were taken on the scale

The third picture is the first day of use. You see the middle of your chest flat?

The fourth photo was taken two weeks later, but the anchor was also deep in the chest and rounded up.

The fifth photo is taken after one month in the B cup. It looks like a bristle in my chest ^ ^

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