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Title This is a second purchase
Posted by VIVA KOREA (ip:)
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  • Date 2017-12-01 13:48:32
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It is the second posthumous period after the lamentable and impetuous later of the first.



As a result of the first posthumously, it is now breathtaking but still C cup ^^



If the first size was 85, it is now 88.7 !!

There was a change of 3.7Cm.



After purchasing a set of Upper D, massage the viva cream with the remaining Viva cream,

After some absorption, it will wear it again once again.


And then I went to the health club recently.

I will lose my weight and exercise my chest.


It seems that all the actions that raise the tongue of the chest, collect it, and make the volume look up are all ^^;

Even at home,


The food was also protein-based.

Tofu, boiled eggs, chicken breasts and so on.


And, it seems that it is good for the breast while eating the pomegranate juice received with the present.



If it is intellect, it will be changed.


As the volume of the chest increases, the flexion becomes thicker and the chest swelling is reduced.



In the latter period of my first period, when I had a period of menstrual period,

Now it's over the size.



I am very pleased with the size change in only two weeks after the change in size in only two weeks.


I am feeling better when my body grows bigger than the body that has gone back and forth while I have fallen fat.


I have seen the effects within a short period of time, but my constitution may be plump,

I would like to see the effects of the two products at the same time in a shorter period of time because they are stimulated more.


Viva Cream only, or Upper D is not the only effect.


Viva cream is upswept D! Upple D is Viva Cream!


I think it is .. ^^


The fortress is using a Viva Cream and is doing a breast massage with only Upper D.


I think it's better than the first, but not bad ...?


After using UPDEFOVE D, I will write about it again and post it again. ^^

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