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Title 3cm increase in half a month and a half
Posted by VIVA KOREA (ip:)
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  • Date 2017-12-07 16:36:00
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Hello ~

24 year old female worker.

I do not have a big heart in my family.

I found Viva Cream.

At first I was disappointed to see the price, but I do not want to have surgery,

I just bought it in a heartbeat.

I am wearing 'Viva Cream' and 'Upper D' for a month and a half.

Viva Cream massage for 20 minutes in the evening and immediately slept in 'Upper D'.

Upple D seems to have little effect when I press it.

But my worker is probably too tired to stay awake for three hours at night.

When I'm in bed, I slept in the same thing. Then Nishi will hold Up D.

I applied Viva cream and I had a fountain massage.

I did not stand up in the morning.

I could not change until about 3 weeks, but I felt a change from about a month ago.

First of all,

10/14 below: 71 above: 81

Below 11/25: 71

One of them is menstrual period, the other is menstrual period, is not it? Those who say!

I have a menstrual cycle of 40 days, so both will be on the verge right before menstruation. I think that would be fair.

The first three weeks did not have much heart change, so it was a slump,

But I was patient ...

Viva KOREA to connect and see others later ,,,

I think this is really important ... steady ....

I do not think that's what it's all about.

Please try your hardest !!!!!

I grew up ... I grew more greedy ^ ㅡ ^ .....

To be honest, the cream is a burden ... I want to be steady ...

To become c cup !!!!

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