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Title Viva Cream & Upple 4-week miracle-like review!
Posted by VIVA KOREA (ip:)
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  • Date 2017-12-08 13:46:45
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I am 20 lenders at work. I know that you can see from the photo before you use the woman .. I usually own a triple AAA cup with a gum plateau which is usually a cup braid. But it is 161 / 44kg skinny, It was level.

Besides, as it is confirmed by photographs, I also have a complex of mate, so I was really stressed out of my heart.

I love summer bikinis and summer parks. I want to go to the water park and go to the beach. No matter how much I buy Wongpoon Bikini Silicone Pillow, I do not have any breasts to wear. However, I do not expect to be honest because I do not have any flesh or body. I bought a Viva cream and Upple,

I applied cream on the first night and watched Tose Kyoko's chest fountain massage video. I followed her hard and worked 10 to 20 minutes in the morning and evening after applying cream every day and then massaging her. Worked in parallel ~

When I finished the exercise, I went to bed with a cup of Upple. ~ Even though it was summer, I wore it every day because I did not have a skin trouble even though I wore it for a long time ~

As a result. I used it for the first day, but my heart was aching like a heartache, and my chest, which was a gum ticket, was very kind. So I took a massage in the evening and took a picture. I used it for a day but it felt a little bigger. I also measured my chest every day.

Before use: 72.0cm

Day 4 use: 73.5 cm (1.5 cm increase)

Use on day 10: 74.5 cm (2.5 cm increase)

On day 27 (about 4 weeks use): 77.5 cm (5.5 cm increase)

I used it for 27 days and finally increased 5.5cm !! It was a miracle for the Triple A Cup.

What's more, as I can see from the picture, I was originally a ghost that was confirmed by the naked eye, but after using Viva Cream Massage and Upple, my partner has also been corrected a lot! I was really glad and proud to see the heart that was the most amazing thing that was balanced.

Now I have a goal when I get to the A cup bra.

I am so glad that I finally got my boobs to wear in my waffle bikini during this vacation !!!

I heard that my boyfriend was getting bigger as well as me, so I have a willingness to do something and work harder and harder! And first time I wore it, I did not buy it because it was not in my chest, so I used to have a ball-based breasts, but now I feel full when I wear an Uple. Even my left breast, which is cut in my heart, is now small. Uple is small. is !!

Viva cream that presents the chest to collect during this summer vacation! Thank you so much and love you!

Triple A cups everyone !! If you meet Viva Cream and Upple, you can score like me!

I will continue to use it steadily in the future.


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