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Title One bottle of Viva cream + Up-c
Posted by VIVA KOREA (ip:)
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  • Date 2017-12-08 13:46:45
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A woman who was aa ..

I was 64 too weak and my chest was too small.

About last year ...? He was the one who started Viva.

It was a little slower but slower

I used to write about two and I quit.

I wanted to be good ....

I used to think that the cream is gone when I use it.

I think that the cue that I bought was really just like a habit.

My heart is small and it is really obsessive ...?

I've been giving up on my chest for a while.

I came back to Viva's homepage and I saw the review I wrote.

I guess the difference between the top and bottom is seven centimeters.

But I thought I had a hard time ...

What's up? It's 2 centimeters bigger and 9 centimeters wide.

I did not apply the cream, and I think that the cuff that was worn steadily was effective.

This was an opportunity for me to look back at the late Viva

I finally got to buy another one again.

I was disappointed with the slow effect during the latter period, but I want to continue to use it until three.

I will try to write three times.

When I did last year, I kept eating soy milk, cheese, tofu steadily, and the massage was full of fragrant massage for 20 minutes

I do not seem to have much effect on the massage (I do not get fat)

I'm doing a massage. And underwear is under 64. But I always wear 75a.

I also changed my underwear this time,

I was in the wrong place because of the busy and hot weather.

I'll have to work hard on the next exercise

Now, as a result of using one bottle, there is a difference of about one centimeter.

Although it is not clearly distinguished by the naked eye, 65b size underwear (of course, the pad is full)

I feel a little sore in my chest

I will try to write up to three for good effect ...

(Attached file is the first one that I brought back in the past!)

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