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Title C / c cream
Posted by VIVA KOREA (ip:)
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  • Date 2017-12-11 18:20:00
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Hello ~ I have been gaining a lot of confidence while continuing to get a little bit of courage, hoping that my later life will help ~ ~ ^ ^

3 years of purchase? I think it 's close to me. Of course I did not see the effect ~ Last year, while changing clothes, my sister said, "Your breasts seem to be smaller?" I took out the app c which had been hurt by the word that I threw without thinking, and I put it in from then on and went to work; I worked 10 hours a day, so I got 10 hours a day. I sweat, and when I was asleep, I fell to the floor, and then I stuck it again in the bathroom. Where the edge of the rim is poured red, and when I was going to bite, I took a few days off. The recommended time was about three hours, but I was greedy. I had to buy it with Crème and Balance Uplift while I was expecting that it would be bigger when I saw the bust that seemed to be swollen when I stuck it. Balance up is a month, so I did not eat it quickly. It was hard to work every day because of the office worker. I do not mind if I put on the app and it is hard to do the massage every day. . (I do not have a good memory, so the exact date is ;;) In mid-April this year, I am busy with work and I did not want to move it. I decided to take a rest for 2 months. As I have more time to spend at home, I take out half of the acid cream again, this time with a fountain massage, a cream, and a massage about 20 to 30 minutes? One or two days? I did everything I wanted to do except daily. I was there twice a day, and I slept with supple c when I was sleeping.

It definitely got bigger. I tried to take the picture from the same angle, but the second picture was enlarged a lot. In the picture, it is big. It may not be this feeling, but the first picture is bigger than before. I have been putting the app for 10 hours every day. But the thing that I photographed was that I took two pictures. ㅜ But the important thing is that when I started to diet and started to take a diet and my second photo was almost 4 kilos. But I lost it with Power Walking because it was getting bigger. ㅡ ㅡ ;; It 's like there' s aaa cup before. Is this just a cup now? The circumference may be important, but it touches like touch, it is like a tofu and it is really and the size is confident and it is proportional. It is not huge, but it is too much because I know my own efforts. I wrote it without a headache. ㅜ Other people measure the size well and take pictures well. The picture is a little out of sight, but it will look fine.

There is a 100 pro effect. Cream is not a thing to be honest, so I have to continue to use it, but once I use cream, my chest is very moist and soft. And the app c is really love. ㅡ ㅡ I like it. I am going to use the application and cream steadily in the future. I think there are a lot of people who are really frustrated. I was frustrated every day. I really think that a cup is b cup and c cup is hard. But I do not think it is impossible. I think it's the most important thing to do on a daily basis. Do not give up.

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