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Title I spent two months or so writing.
Posted by VIVA KOREA (ip:)
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  • Date 2017-12-12 12:17:08
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I bought a combo set at a site called skin rx, bought it for a month, purchased two cream balancing ups from Viva Cream homepage, and received one more cream as a service.

I used it a month ago in the last month of use and wrote that I did not see any effect.

It has been about two months and about two weeks now.

In fact, I have not been in my castle yet. ㅡ.

It's different from the picture.

When I wrote it, I was told that it would be bigger just after I posted it, and it will come back again. It seems that it is very big as soon as I release it. It seems to be a little smaller over time, but it seems to be less than before.

The first month is the upper chest 73

            Under Bust 71

Up-chest 76

             After removing 73,4

The last picture is a picture about two hours away from the reception.

My upper chest looks like 76-7.

Even if I look at the pictures, is it different from the first month? ^^

It is said that the groom seems to be getting a little bigger, but the friend who swims is not knowing it without knowing it, but I can not see it.

It is so small that I do not know when I see someone else

 Compared to the past, I feel a little bigger even if I take my breasts. In the past, I saw my feet from almost top to bottom, but now I see my breasts ^^

I'm aiming for a B cup with a lot of greed

 I'll try hard once ^^

Massage is difficult in the morning

 In the morning, cream and cream.

 I applied cream and massage for more than 20 minutes.

However, I felt that the expectation was very strong until two months ago.

 After two months of being resigned and steady, I think it seems to work a little bit.

It seems that those who have a little bit of flesh can see the effect more quickly. I think the chest is fat, and the more fat there is, the faster it will grow.

I still have half a cream left.

I like being nice because I am so personable.

 I'm not saying it's not good to not like you.

 I use Viva Cream and it is effective when the upper chest is 80! I wanted to upload it

 I have not been able to see the effect that I wrote before.

 I'm up. ^^

I'm looking at a year now. I lived on a cliff for 35 years and suddenly it seemed like the medicine was poisoning.

Massage steadily, and balance to eat and give up well steadily, I will post again later in two months ^^


 First - third day

 Second - month

 The third ㅡ recently

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