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Title One month, one life
Posted by VIVA KOREA (ip:)
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  • Date 2017-12-12 12:17:08
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I did not leave much of the latter, but when I was nervous while doing massages, and when there were not many changes, I came to the site and watched the latter.

I used to massage myself again after seeing the testimonies of those who changed.

So I want to be stronger for others who want to give up? I left a later date. ^^

I was with Viva Cream Upple and it was only one month today.

If you tell the change numerically (first start), lower chest 70 upper chest 78 to 8 centimeters difference -> (after one month use) lower chest 70 upper chest 80 to 10 centimeters difference.

Awesome !! I applaud you for steadily trying! ^^ In fact, after a week or so, the size of my breasts really increased a lot. I had increased to 81 cm,

I came back to my original size again without knowing why.

I was so upset, but I thought it was because of the hormonal cycle.

Then a month later, a total of two centimeters increased.

The underwear on the photo was originally a little big underwear for me.

There was an empty space because there is no pad inside, now it is perfect without empty space.

Originally my left chest was smaller than my right chest, so I massaged my left chest harder and now my left chest got bigger.

I'm trying to balance my back massage.

I had a massage for 10 minutes in the morning and evening. Mr. Upple had to wear it for two hours.

If I was too busy and could not massage, I was putting ups.

And you drank soy milk almost every day. ^^

And the balance up was not nearly on time. I had 2 recommended daily intakes per day, and I ate 2 meals a day.

I feel so good to see this effect. I am going to work harder in the future because it has grown 2 centimeters per month.

I would like to leave a later date to change the size of the underwear next time ^ ^ Do not give up, please do not give up ~ ~ Fighting!


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