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Title 3 weeks use Viva Creme Late ~ !! ^^ jackpot
Posted by VIVA KOREA (ip:)
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  • Date 2017-12-14 15:52:51
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Viva Cream has a real effect ~ !! I wonder why I did not know what it was before? I was kidding even when I was student but I could not buy it because I did not have money .. Now I am an employee and I bought it dubiously.

 I was 75b

 When I am younger, my chest gets a little bit, but when I lose 2 ~ 3 kilos of fat, my chest becomes smaller suddenly.

 This is why you have to give up your breasts instead of subtracting your body weight.

 If the breasts are definitely reduced, they will lose their self when they are skinny, and they want to avoid it.


 I really do not want to do surgery, but I do not want to do it.


 I got it through a person who knew the app, so I kept putting it on for 10 more days and the cream cream was applied before I went to bed after the evening shower.

 If I could, I closed my hair and dried my cream.

I see from other places, I put on my fingers and I get fat in my hands. So I did not even have a massage with vinyl gloves. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 But it really works.

 However, my chest is not fixed properly, and the size is going up and down. But when I look at the picture or actually see it, there is a big difference ~ ~

My body is dry and my chest is pointed. I have no flesh between my boobs, so I put more cream on you and your upper chest.

 Now the shape is much rounder ~~ ^ * ^ !!


Viva KOREA says it's been a long time, but I know why I've been there for a long time without any problems.

 I have been using it for 3 years and it has been getting bigger.

Thank you Viva Korea ♡

I am very happy to answer your question kindly and will continue to buy it in the future ^^ ~ !!

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