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Title It is the success of the second challenge in only two months!
Posted by VIVA KOREA (ip:)
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  • Date 2017-12-14 15:52:51
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Once upon a time, I was exposed to Viva, and as a college student at that time, I bought Alvah and bought a set of Upple D + Cream.


I was told that I was very good at that time ,,, I was in my early 20s, so I went out to play 3 to 4 times a week, so I did it, so it would be effective.


I thought I had just spent money and forgot about Uppld D, and as time went by, I became a member of society and after a little fattening, I started to exercise more than usual.


I thought Upper D was a hit, and I think life is the last Viva Cream challenge, and I purchased 2 sets of Viva Cream 2+ Balance Up. (Upheld D was still in use after a few years.)



First photo




Lower chest 68cm / Chest 77cm (no upper chest, chest protruding chest - no more chest)


Let's start in July! From heart to mind


[Morning (06:30) - Cream absorption and massage for 5 minutes each (10 minutes total) / Evening (21:00) - After exercise, 5 minutes for every 5 minutes absorbing massage of Japanese people (20 minutes total)


[Wearing Upper D - After an evening massage ~ when waking up the next day (about 8 hours)]


I kept repeating this every day while keeping up to Shizan.


I ate breakfast and dinner tomorrow for breakfast.


In the case of me, I apply a lot of cream in the evening massage, and only a small amount was able to be absorbed immediately in the morning. (About 100 won coins / about 10 won coins?)



I spent a month on the job, but I did not lose it. After the menstrual period ended, my upper chest feels a little warm and a little swollen.



I had to get up earlier as the months passed in August, so I often skipped the massage in the morning, and I usually only had a massage in the evening.


Massage is absorbed by each 5 minutes [I feel like pulling the inside out, in and out by the idea of ​​irritating the wire].


I was busy, so I did not even think about dimensioning or taking pictures.



Second picture


I felt that my breast was bigger than I thought, and the attitude of my clothes seemed to be better.



Third photo




Bottom Chest 68cm / Bust 81cm (I was surprised to see that the chest was enlarged to '4cm', and I usually wear a tee to wear, but I could see my upper chest alive when I put on a tee!)


In September, I was still wearing cream in the evening, and I was wearing Upper D. I am taking steak with sugar-free soymilk in the morning and evening because I have eaten all the balance-up.



I was still exercising, so I was still exercising for one and a half hours a day while applying my cream, but my breasts did not fall out.


Breast exercise was also accompanied.



There are two creams, but it seems to be more than I thought it was because it was only in the evening, and there is still enough to use.



I have to wear a B cup bra in size, but my bra is not wearing a cup, but I still wear the same bra that I used to wear before.


It's great to see my upper chest rising from before! Your fiance is so amazing, and your friends are getting more and more amazing.


I am working hard to publicize that I should buy it because my breasts are maintained.



I will continue to massage every day in the evening with the remaining cream, and if I use it again, I will purchase more and I want to raise it.


If you work hard, you will not regret it at all. I do not know why I did not work as hard as before.



The full C cup was so beautiful ...



If you are worried about me before you buy a second time, I will try to work diligently every day.

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