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Title Big break! It really worked. (1)
Posted by VIVA KOREA (ip:)
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  • Date 2018-04-27 18:53:44
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Bullock! It really worked. In fact ... I purchased Viva Cream and Up-plaster D at the end of November last year and left a review after about a month of use. When you measure a little bit with a chest mong load and size, what is this because it changes in size by about 0.5cm.? Everyone else changes their minds in two weeks and four weeks. There was a suspicion that ... I don't think this is enough !! Right after I posted the review, I started buying and eating Viva Patches and Balancing. At first, I tried to compare it to a size measurement, but I found that there were too many errors when I measured it. So I left it in pictures this time !! After purchasing the product, you took a picture on the 18th of January (you were already using the upflash D and Viva Cream). When we measure the size, we can feel the power of the feature changing the size from 0.5cm to 1cm. The top of the underwear is a cut in my 75B underwear and the bottom is a 75 A, but before and after the 75A, it is definitely compared. Sure, it's worth it for patience and effort. Oh! And like everyone else's late ... Ballens up! That's great! I have a lot of skin problems and I don't feel the right way to do it that day, but after eating Viva Balance up, my skin gets better, and this time it's just right on its way! I'll just have to buy one more bottle! LOL Since you are definitely using both Viva Cream + Up-plaster D + Viva Patching + Planster.

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