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Title Unsuspected, I spent about two months in a very detailed and honest review !!! (128-1.24)
Posted by VIVA KOREA (ip:)
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  • Date 2018-04-30 18:54:27
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In my doubt, I made a very detailed and honest change for about two months.When I went to the public bath, I could see and cover something. But my chest size actually thought there was no way but to operate on it, so I just lived on it in a state of distribution.But in the meantime, I really appreciate winning the Supporters, so I started using Viva Korea products! I'm still really thankful.I was impressed with Viva Korea's sensitive clothes on the day of the grand opening.I started using products with OOO!LOL I started applying it and sticking it on and off really hard at the thought of nothing to try! I don't know about it, but it has increased to three centimeters in a week. So I worked harder to use it!3rd week : 84 - > 86.5 Now I just put on cream in the morning. and about 3 weeks later, I talked about it small, so he sent me an upgrade D. , it is not any bigger in size than the first 86.5 to 87.5 weeks, but it is interesting to see it in massage and shower! A touch?LOL different, too! Very, very satisfied!88 In two months! It's awesome! If you really put it on for the first time, who will operate on it? I did it. I didn't want to know what to use, but it worked so well that I started to gossip with my close friends! I never knew there would be such a big change in size, but I was so moved by the six-centimeter line. I've got confidence !! I've got a lot better in a one-buttock, and I've got a lot better in my half-sided skin, and it's got a lot of perception in terms of size and care. We will continue to manage it for you !!Ah, I especially felt that consistency is important ...?! When I came back to my home house, I brought all of the patches, creams, and I used it every day. I guess that's why I've grown a lot!And if you tell me that you spent all of your products during the 7 weeks of service, you will be busy but I appreciate your kindness without showing any objection! Viva Korea!




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