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Title Use c
Posted by VIVA KOREA (ip:)
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  • Date 2017-12-01 18:48:21
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I will briefly talk about my physique and post pictures of the latter.

Height 170 Weight 49.4 Bra size 75AA cup

In a word, the brace is empty.

I will upload a photo before using the set c.

1,2 This is a shot wearing bra before use.

May 29th A shot of a wear taken before use.

Sadly, manny?

Bottom chest 72 top chest 80 cup tea 8 (7.5 cups at the time of order)


3, 4 is the 4th day photo of the use of the upple.

June 2 is a picture.

Even if you look at it, it makes a difference.

Bottom chest 71 top chest 82 cup tea 11

It's Hucks.

I was amazed again and again, but the same dimensions came out.

I started to exercise a month before I started using the black lent lattes and made my own diet 픗 I have worked hard, but I do not know, but when I received the set up, my chest was already sick and tired.

So it quickly became bigger.

You know that every bra has different functions?

So after using the image with the picture before use, I put up another bra wearing photo.

If you see picture 5, you will definitely feel it.

Now I am going to change from Upper C to Upper D.

Because the upstream c does not suck well now.

And in the product explanation, there is an article saying that the cup error is 10 or more, and the application D should be used.

So ~ ~ I left the latter and immediately ordered the Upple D.

I will push up hard, eat black bean latte and have more ideal chest.

I think it's a little unfortunate to think that you can order an up-d up D but ...

Who would have known this soon to grow up ~ ~

I still love it.

I will also use Upple D and post it later. ^^

Overcome all Viva Upflow Complex ~~ !!


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