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Title It is a review of the set D set.
Posted by VIVA KOREA (ip:)
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  • Date 2017-12-01 13:48:32
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* Purchasing physician / instrument?


It is a woman who has a very big complexion on my breasts than usual.


Since I was a child, I have a lot of interest in my body,

I just snooped around this product.


Originally, I had a great feeling, and I was going to buy a B-breast enhancement device.

It is a mess, and the article says that you did not see the effect of the alba type

When I hesitated to buy, I accidentally found out about Viva Cream.


At first, I decided to purchase after reviewing the purchasing history carefully even if it is half-siblings.


Originally, I tried to buy only Viva Cream, but it works well when used with Upper D

I was greedy for wanting to see the effect soon, and finally decided to set up D!




* Coating feeling, fit



After the first arrival of Viva Cream, I applied immediately.


If you do, do you have a crying in your chest? Of ordinary women?

I felt that hardness right now !!


But, it did not mean that it was inflated and had the effect ^^;


Your skin is absorbed right away.

When you massage your chest, do you have a move that returns your chest?

I did not do that many times but it was absorbed quickly.


Is it because of the new plus?


After working hard, I immediately wore the Upper D.

I wore it while I was browsing the Internet for proper wearing.


Let's wear what should be .. Feeling a little depressed?


I feel like this is stimulating the pressure that seems like it sucks.



* Size change


I was not in the picture, but I was a breathtaking B cup.


It is B cup in size, and it looks like wearing underwear

I was really excited to see it after ...

B-cup chest down the shaft ...

Exactly my heart was stuck.


Width 85.0 Width 72.0

Exactly 13 differences.


B cup 75, even though wearing a chest or stomach, I feel a little empty.

The bottom that supports the cup is full, but the top is a bit on the top.

I was greedy and bought a set of Viva Cream Plus and Upple D.


As you can see in the picture, I saw the effect of 0.5cm after two weeks.


Before applying, I applied Viva cream,

After sleeping, I applied only Viva Cream and went to work.


It is the result of two full weeks.


I felt good and I tried to make it more and more full.


In the case of UPPLE D, it is good to be able to use it at any time by simply dropping it.


If I had only bought Viva cream now,

It seems that the effect came out a bit sooner with the use of Upple D.


Certainly, my chest is gathered from the beginning.


And now ...



It is a period when it is menstruation, and the breast is a little more swollen.

When I massage, my heart hurts ㅠ ;; ............


B cup bra with a few bubbles, after wearing clothes, measuring the size of the clothes

87.6 !! I get the result!




I subtracted the size and looked at the size of 86.1.

It is the difference of 14.1.


In almost three weeks, the difference of 1.1cm is very good.


Even if it is a heartbreak phenomenon because of the menstrual period.

I have seen a difference of 0.5cm in two weeks, so if I have two more weeks, I will have a positive effect.


Also, the upper breast that has been left a little while remaining in the bra is filled now.

A little more will reach the C cup, and if you wear steadily, the dream of the D cup is not far.


It's still a little more, but it works just like it does now.

100% of the repurchase doctor in the future ^ ^


I will work with the rest of Viva Cream in parallel with my workout so that I can have a firmly resilient breasts.


I will write another one after I have a definite C cup

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